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TIMKEN Maintenance Products

With more than 100 years of experience in bearing technology, Timken understands the importance of proper maintenance procedures in maximizing product and equipment life. High-quality Timken maintenance products help to decrease downtime and operating costs. Our line of maintenance tools, available in the United States, Canada and Europe, are an example of how we extend beyond bearings with friction management solutions to keep your business running smoothly. These value-added products are grounded in our knowledge of motion, lubrication, friction and metallurgy. They are designed to help you extend bearing life in your applications through proper installation, removal and service.

Machine Evaluator Series
Advanced Handheld Condition Monitoring Instrument.

Hydraulic Pullers
Equipping you to remove and service bearings, gears, wheels and other industrail and automotive parts.

Machine Tester Series
Handheld Condition Monitoring Instrument.

Impact Fitting Tool
Equipping you to install and service IsoClass bearings.

Premium Mill Grease & G-Power, M-Power
Single-Point Lubricators Friction Management Solutions to keep systems running smoothly.