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A leading name in the power transmission industry for more than 150 years, the Fenner mark is widely recognized
as synonymous with exceptional products for everyday use to rugged and demanding industrial applications. Fenner started life in 1861, producing some of the finest hard-wearing transmission belting available in the market, a feature that remains a cornerstone of the brand today. Over the years, many other complementary products have been added to the Fenner range to provide customers with a complete portfolio of premium products for applications across all industrial sectors. These include chains, high power CRE belts, couplings, taper bushes, sprockets, pulleys and Shaft Mounted Speed Reducer (SMSR). One of Fenner’s core competences is her worldwide commitment to the quality assurance initiative. At the crux of this initiative is a continuous quest for improvements in product performance, reliability and safety whilst upholding the highest of consistent quality. Together with the delivery of superb customer value underpinned by engineering excellence owed to decades of experience, Fenner brings to the market “One Range, One Result, One Name”.
The Complete Drive Solution

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